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Pilgrimage to Pyramid Lake, Nevada by Stephen Veals

This has been on my bucket list for a long time now and I finally was able to put a weekend together with a buddy of mine to make it happen. Pyramid Lake is an alkaline lake set in a large basin east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range northeast of Reno, Nevada. The native Lahontan Cutthroats grow to monumental sizes and the current record is north of 40 lbs out of Pyramid with catches regularly exceeding 20 lbs.  We weren't able to get into the big boys, but we definitely enjoyed nighttime streamer fishing along with an incredibly tough day of fishing in driving snow and wind. Here are some highlight photos from the excursion: 

The saying the early bird gets the worm really runs true in fishing sometimes. We were out long before the sun cam up, the waters calm and the fish biting.
The waters were calm as the sun rose into the sky. We fished all day searching for that perfect catch, but each time we were eluded by the tricky cutthroat at Pyramid Lake.
After hours of waiting thinking that we would be going home empty, there was a tug at the end of my pole and as I reeled it in to my delight I had caught my first cutthroat of the trip at Pyramid Lake, Nevada!
Our luck just kept getting better as the next day we caught several more cutthroat at Pyramid Lake. Each fish more beautiful and even bigger than our last haul! This boys trip was a real success!
Our final catch of the trip was a beauty! Our fly fishing pilgrimage to Pyramid Lake, Nevada had be not only fun but fruitful.