Elena LaGoo's MS Project & Fundraiser / by Stephen Veals

This past month I’ve had the honor and the privilege to work on one of the most meaningful projects of my entire video career. My coworker Elena LaGoo approached me about creating a video to help tell the story of how she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or MS and she wanted it to also serve as a fundraising tool on her Community Funded webpage. The idea was to raise approximately $20,000 for her to travel to Panama City, Panama in order to receive a game changing, stem cell treatment. The research trials have not only helped MS patients, but also some of the participants have even noticed that they can walk without pain and their overall condition and quality of life has drastically improved thanks to the experimental treatment. Since it’s not available in the U.S. due to politics and bureaucratic red tape from insurance companies, Elena was forced to take out a loan with her husband Charlie with the hope of visiting this ground breaking research facility all on their own. So check out her story, and if you’re able to donate, please send a check to:

525 Fox Glove Ct. Fort Collins, CO 80524

100% of these donations go right to Elena LaGoo and as of today, she is at ¾ of her $20,000 goal! Thanks everybody.